Warhol Rediscovered: A Photographic Glimpse Into the Life of the Renowned Artist

The artificial fascination

Although Warhol is best known for his brightly illustrated and sometimes controversial pieces, known as “pop art,” much of his inspiration originated with photography. Warhol documented all aspects of his life, including parties with celebrities.

“Gay gay gay”

As Warhol says, “everything is gay gay gay.” The contact sheets show much more of Warhol’s participation in gay culture throughout his life than his art, such as attending Fire Island, a “queer enclave” near New York, and pictures of himself with his boyfriend.


Although Warhol only wanted his tombstone to say “figment,” he has had a much bigger impact on the world. With over 130,000 images to choose from, curators had difficulty selecting which ones to showcase. Ultimately, they also incorporated many of Warhol’s other works, such as silkscreens, polaroids and negatives to create a cohesive, informative exhibition with bright pops of color that are appealing to the eye.



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