Looking Forward, Looking Back: Impacts of Paly on Life After High School

Unique programs

Paly’s value lies in the diversity of resources provided for student exploration in the eyes of many. Pallavi Homan, the mother of Paly senior Maya Homan and freshman Vijay Homan, says her children have undoubtedly benefited from the unique classes Paly offers. In particular, she accredits Maya’s participation in Paly’s award-winning journalism program for fostering creativity in her daughter and teaching invaluable critical thinking skills.


Beyond the unique resources Paly provides, alums feel that the abundance of high-profile intersnship and job oppurtinities in the Bay Area have shaped their education.

The community

Looking beyond concrete curriculum and academic resources provided by the school district, Paly student’s experience is defined by their peers and the culture they perpetuate.



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